Hosting FAQ

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes. We do. We offer 7 day conditional money back guarantee as specified in our TOS.

I paid for a hosting account. But, did not get hosting account info?

All hosting accounts are instantly created after receiving payment and hosting information email containing your cpanel login details, name servers, ftp information, email settings etc is sent to your registered email id. Please check your spam folder also for our email titled "your-domain-name : Hosting account information"

You can always see a copy of this hosting info email inside our client area here

After making sure that, Indeed you did not get the hosting info email, you can contact our customer support thru a support ticket.

Do you offer a free domain with your hosting plans?

No. We dont provide free domain with any of our hosting plans. We only offer web hosting environment to make your website online using our server resources. It is your responsibility to register a domain to use with our hosting service with a domain registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy.

I sold or lost my current domain. Is it possible to change my current hosting account domain to a different domain?

Yes. You can always request us to change your hosted domain to a different domain of your choice thru a support ticket inside our client area.

For replacing domain names, we simply delete your current hosting account and re-create it with the new domain. This hosting account deletion causes data loss. Hence, Before submitting domain replacement request, make sure that you have downloaded the hosted content on your current website to prevent data loss.

Do you make our data backups?

Yes. We do backup all hosted server data weekly to a remote backup server as specified in our TOS. But, All our customers are suggested to maintain their own latest data backups to avoid data loss for disaster recovery.

Please note that, we do not backup following hosted content from your hosting accounts..

Do we get ssh access? Can we use system() or other os command execution functions in php?

NO. We dont provide ssh(not even jailed ssh) access due to security reasons. Also, php functions like system() are disabled in all our server environment to avoid abuse issues. Please ask us before signing up in you are in doubt regarding availability of a php function.

Do you offer any other hosting locations other than US?

Yes. We do. Please have a look on our multi location hosting service here. You can choose to host from Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Uk or US(Newyork, Seatle, Losangels, Atlanta).

But, please note that, our multi location hosting offers are priced higher compared to our $1 hosting service.

What is your support response times?

All our hosting customers are assured that your support ticket will be replied within 24 hours. Typically, most of the support tickets are answered within 4 to 8 hours of time.